• Mythic 18
    • New system of counting heads, which can be dismantled without any tools.
    • All the fluidics of the instrument has been simplified, using manifold systems, to reduce the length of tubing inside the machine, reducing the risk of clogging.
    • New patented sampling module.
    • New patented syringe module.
  • Mythic 22
    • The innovative optical detection system is covered by four patents.
    • This technology (called OCHF for Optical Cytometer Hydrofocus Free) is based on an unique and innovative concept of an active sample flow and a passive sheath.
    • The sample flow is introduced in the flow cell under pressure and the sheath is only dedicated to maintain it.
    • This principle enables to introduce a large quantity of sample and to use a great dilution rate (which allows to do the Hemoglobin measurement with the same dilution).
  • OnlyOne :

    The five part diff is obtained by the optical matrix analysis after action of the lytic reagent (patented), which:

    • destroys the RBC and their stromas,
    • composes an oxyhemoglobin complex and protects the white blood cell membrane to keep it in closed native state.